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Lament of the Mirror
Lament of the Mirror
I'm deception--the liar that is so good at telling the
I'm evil--the hurt that kills the
I'm nothingness--the void that is thought be
I'm lies--the truth you wanted to
I know who I am, I know what I've done
The ultimate weapon to the heart
I'll kill you in an instant, I'll take away
your sanity, I'll rip you apart.
I merely reflect what is failed to be seen.
:iconnaneth:naneth 0 1
Lust s Fury
Dante's inferno come to life
the winds that blow for eternity
I am guilty as is my counterpart
No I cannot escape the judgment
Bestowed upon me-the infernal storm
which doesn't take mercy in whirling
and beating me.
I warned myself and others it would
Happen but the warning fell on deaf ears
including mine-the storm was too loud
I couldn't hear anything.
The widest circle of hell but still
Confinement that is intolerable
for fates subjected to it.
:iconnaneth:naneth 0 2
Watching You Watching Me
Watching You Watching Me
I stand on the beach facing the moon,
Cool sea mist kissing my face
A full moon paints a gossamer sheen over my body
As the breeze from the ocean flutters
The gauze dress around my legs.
I close my eyes and listen to the incessant
Waves roll in and out, lapping against the rocks...
Hypnotic heaving of the ocean against the shore
My breast swelling and receding with the tide.
Then I sense a presence behind me
And turn to see you standing on the dune silently watching me
You draw near and spread a blanket on the cool sand,
And recline on one elbow, not uttering a sound...
No desire is its own messenger.
The Light from the moon reflects in your eyes
As it creates a black light silhouetting my form.
My hair swirls around my face and the gauze
Billows in the breeze giving you occasional
Glimpses of my bare thighs
Watching you watching me I slowly unbutton
The bodice to the waist exposing peaks and valleys of moonlit flesh
You shift on the blanket, stre
:iconnaneth:naneth 1 7
Hurt me because I'm fragile
Break me because I'm delicate
Steal from me my essence
Rip from me what keeps me sane
Do it twist the knief in me, kill me
I see it in your eyes, the blood thirsty need to inflict pain
Abuse me because I'll stay
Rape my emotions, rack my brain
Dim my luster
Bruise my beauty
Bash my spirits
So when the next person who wants me
finds me broken, in shambles, just as good as dead
:iconnaneth:naneth 1 3
Drawn in
You are my moon
You are my current
You are my tide
Beckoning at your every change of phase,
shift and wave, rise and fall.
I must swim with you, if not I will be
sucked under and drown in a sea of tears.
So dependable and reliable your waning
and waxing, yet a new moon always prevails.
Anxious to find what is revealed to me and
concealed within your deeper waters.
Without you I am lost, no momentum, no silvery path...
What is it that enslaves me to you?
If I were to just float aimlessly in the vast ocean
you'd carry me to all stretches of the world.
When people are fast asleep and the sun has long
since said goodnight, you rise to the top greeting
me with your silvery beams.
Churning, tossing, and turning so much power, so much influence.
But I will not surrender because...
You are my moon
You are my current
You are my tide
:iconnaneth:naneth 0 1
The Diss
The Diss
Time was our enemy
Attraction was our friend
An impulse purged
which still lingers on my lips...
like a memory of magic too deep to
communicate in words
best left to quiet knowing.
Sacred oneness, a union of the eyes
locked onto each other.
How could I not give in,
deny what felt so right.
The warmth
The delicateness
The intensity
To breathe you in...
To feel you, your thoughts..
for that moment in time.
Was it just a fleeting memory
that will be sealed in a vault and merely that?
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window shopper by Trueblood window shopper :icontrueblood:Trueblood 1,333 332 Orange fetish 03 by atila
Mature content
Orange fetish 03 :iconatila:atila 515 86



United Kingdom
Current Residence: London, England
Favourite genre of music: Electronica in general, 80s, Vocal Trance
Favourite style of art: Urban/Japanese style
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Archos AV480
Shell of choice: Conch
Wallpaper of choice: Chobits - Your Eyes Only
Skin of choice: Hmmm...
Favourite cartoon character: Ichigo from Bleach, Sawa from Kite
Well, I just got back from Amsterdam on Sunday.  The city and my time there was amazing.  It probably would have been better if it was a bit warmer, and if it hadn't rained.  Anyway, it was a nice weekend getaway.  The only thing that stunk was me trying to get back into London!  Goodness gracious Chris and I were with the Visa lady for probably over an hour trying to argue my case.  My return ticket is set for June 29th, but I wanted to stay until August 3rd so I could finish out my Japanese course...  Anyway, after me telling her my life story and seven different pieces of paperwork, she gave me another six months.  However, I have no idea what's going to happen when I go to Paris in July.     


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JamesBardolph Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2005
I miss you guys :(

Send me an e-mail so we can talk about a good time to invade Texas ya?

We will have to bring Chris down too!
MyEyesBLEedInk6 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
acualy its just a logo for mushroomhead but it does look like many other things
JamesBardolph Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2005
oo, subscriber now huh?
naneth Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
No, I was randomly selected for a free week of subscription. Muuuuhawwwwhawww
JamesBardolph Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2005
Aha, so cruel!
KatCardy Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2005  Professional General Artist
thankyou for the :+devwatch: :) :hug:
KatCardy Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2005  Professional General Artist
hey hey! just thought Id stop by to say it was good meeting you at teh cardiff devmeet!! ^_^ Your rice was fantastic! I had two helpings!! ^__^ thankyou :D
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